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Spotify crushes and unsupported file error on SD Card

Spotify crushes and unsupported file error on SD Card

I have a problem with spotify on my mobile. When I download songs for offilne mode,
after view days or hours I get unsupported file error and lose all songs on my SD Card (only way to fix it is formating card after error.)

When I get this error every time I try open spotify it crushes. I usually uninstall spotify after that and download it again.


This bug or what ever it is soooo annoying that I almost unsubscribed from premium today.


I had no similar problems before lates update.

Model: Samsung Gallaxy II

Andriod version: 4.4.2

Spotify version:

1 Reply

I have a similar problem on my android device. I recently changed my SD card and I replaced all the files. And now I can't seem to have any songs to listen while offline. I reinstalled the app and downloaded the songs again but after a while they're not available. I got a message that said that I have reached the maximum number of devices and I can't use the offline mode. This is getting very annoying I'm thinking of canceling my subscription

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