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Spotify deleted my music (again)

Spotify deleted my music (again)

This is at least the 10th time that my Spotify has deleted all of my downloaded music from my Samsung A3 smartphone. Its honestly really anoying! The app remembers the artists I follow but somehow deletes the 9+ GB of music I have downloaded.


Every time it happens, I come to this forum and do all the workarounds: uninstall the app, delete everyithing manually, reboot, etc etc. It never works as the problem keeps comming back


Honestly, even open source software isnt as buggy as this PAID version of Spotify. Im switching phones in the next month and Im starting to wonder if I should just get an iPhone with iMusic. 


Storage space: 9,33 GB (in the SD Card)

Spotify version:

Smartphone model number: SM-A300FU

Android Version: 6.0.1




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