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Spotify deletes all of my downloaded songs

Spotify deletes all of my downloaded songs

Here I am on the spotify forum again, for the same problem that happened multiple times and where there's still - and this is a well known problem for a while - no fix for.
I use spotify to listen to off line songs a lot. So, my android phone is full with songs that I've downloaded in extreme quality (I download until I can't no more). Sometimes the app gets buggy, and when I return to the app I am logged out. I log back in, to discover all my songs are gone. The only fix for this is to reinstall and to redownload my 3000+ extreme quality songs,which for me is unacceptable for a paid app like this. I am traveling and have most of the time no wifi available to do this. And when I have wifi, i have to sacrafice my time that i could spend traveling to redownload the songs. My Oneplus 3T is updated and the app is updated. I even tried it with spotify version 9 something (should be more stable), but the problem remains.
Please stop ignoring this problem and make it a priority to fix it. Because spotify promotes the use of offline songs when you get the paid version, but clearly the function is not working well. So the last months I'm wondering what I'm paying for, as I can't use spotify when I lost all of my songs because of a bug and i don't have wifi available.
This happened 8 times in 1 year, so I had to redownload everything 8 times in 1 year. Something has to happen or it's the end for spotify for me. Hoping on a satisfying answer, and not: only solution is 'reinstall and redownload'. An app like this should offer something better then this, I think.
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I'm having the same issue. Spotify keep ignoring it.

The only music which doesn't get deleted is stuff put into playlists. Eveything else seems to get wiped randomly for no apparrent reason.

I am a premium subscriber, and both my phone and app are kept up to date. I listen to my music from Spotify through bluetooth in the car, and usually don't have an internet connection while driving.

Just this morning I went to listen to an album I only downloaded yesterday, and it has been deleted.

Spotify just don't seem to care, they never respond to the multiple complaints about this, they just keep burying their heads in the sand hoping the problem will magically fix itself.

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