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Spotify deletes all playlists and offline music

Spotify deletes all playlists and offline music

Hello everyone,

I use spotify premium together with another person. 3 days ago, Spotify started to delete all playlists and offline music I had(the other user lost his music and the playlists too). So I went on the Spotify page and used the playlist recover function. This worked fine, but at the next day i opened Spotify and turned offline mode off and suddenly all playlists were deleted, again.

We have just two 'offline devices', so the 3 device limit shouldn't be the reason for problem.


Would be nice if anyone can help me

2 Replies

You do have to log into Spotify (go online) at least once every 30 days to maintain offline content. And do it with each device.


You don't need to switch the Offline Mode switch on and off to use music offline. The offline mode is only if you specifically want to prevent your device connecting to Spotify (for example if you want to prevent Spotify using wifi bandwidth when you are using your device for other online activities).


So generally leave the offline mode in off position. 



I was often enough online in Spotify, so the 30 days limit shouldn't be the reason for the Problem.

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