Spotify deletes my downloaded songs

Spotify deletes my downloaded songs


I've had this problem since the start of my subscription, and it's making me reconsider if I should switch to a different service. It's happened multiple times - and I have hundreds of songs downloaded. Then suddenly one day, when turning my phone on and opening Spotify, I realize I'm logged out.

This in and of itself is a problem because I've been randomly logged out in situations when I didn't have access to internet, so I couldn't use the service I've been paying for for ages!

But once I get internet and manage to log in, the same thing always happens - all my downloaded songs are gone and when I check the settings, suddenly the default download location has been changed to internal storage (where I don't have any space for songs) without my intervention.


I'm a premium client, I've updated my app, I've used different SD cards, different networks (even used data) and I'm not downloading on any other devices.


This issue has been going on since I can remember signing up to Spotify premium and I would like a solution. It's a paid service!

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I’m not interested in excuses. This has been a known issue for years and
yet it still happens! I pay a premium so I can have the music I like on my
phone for whenever I’m offline. I’ve had this issue happen numerous times
and it is frustrating and beyond inconvenient.

Either do something about it or refund the fees to those who are
continually having this problem. It is one thing for Spotify to rip off
artists but very much another when they’re ripping off subscribers.


Hey @Dynamaso,


Thank you for your reply and feedback.

We understand that things can feel frustrating at time. We suggest that you head over to the ongoing issue that @Peter provided and leave a +VOTE and Subscribe to the thread for any updates.


If you have any questions we're always one reply away.


Take care!

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Very time I update my app. Funny how their “fix” is to update your app. And this is what causes my songs to delete. Being that I live somewhere without internet and this is a huge inconvenience Apple Music is looking better everyday. At least they have their **** together. 


This issue has been happening literally for years. Since I had the iPhone 6. I have called and chatted with text support to no avail. If you have Spotify open in the background and force restart your phone or the battery hits zero, all Spotify downloads disappear and you have to redownload them. This is a repeatable bug, it has happened repeatedly on every phone I have owned for the last 5 years.  Not an issue of needing the new Spotify.

All you need to do to test it  is have one of your tech people with an iPhone and downloaded playlists have used Spotify recently and not force quit it (having it as an open tab in the background, even if the music isn’t playing) and shut down the phone. When you turn the phone on you have to redownload the songs. It happens every time.  


Just encountered this problem. It's complete BS. I've tried all the troubleshooting and reinstalled Spotify. I'll re-download everything but if it happens again it's bye bye Spotify. Not worth the trouble. Plenty of other alternatives. 


This is really stupid and annoying. After paying for subscription and using internet/data to download songs of over 15GB and all of a sudden they’re gone. I’ve the latest Spotify update on my iPhone which obviously uses an internal storage so I really don’t think the issue is about external SD. 

Also, all the songs in the ‘liked’ section and my ‘episodes’ are still available for offline listening while my other downloaded playlist are gone. Pls try and find a solution to this. The reason why we paid for this service is so that we can listen offline. I’m so angry right now. I’ve to say all your technical teams must be really dumb and stupid(no apologies) I mean this particular issue has been going on for over 4 years and yet no solution 😡 

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