Spotify deletes my downloaded songs


Spotify deletes my downloaded songs


I've had this problem since the start of my subscription, and it's making me reconsider if I should switch to a different service. It's happened multiple times - and I have hundreds of songs downloaded. Then suddenly one day, when turning my phone on and opening Spotify, I realize I'm logged out.

This in and of itself is a problem because I've been randomly logged out in situations when I didn't have access to internet, so I couldn't use the service I've been paying for for ages!

But once I get internet and manage to log in, the same thing always happens - all my downloaded songs are gone and when I check the settings, suddenly the default download location has been changed to internal storage (where I don't have any space for songs) without my intervention.


I'm a premium client, I've updated my app, I've used different SD cards, different networks (even used data) and I'm not downloading on any other devices.


This issue has been going on since I can remember signing up to Spotify premium and I would like a solution. It's a paid service!

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11/19/20 - Just experienced this AGAIN on android app after updating from google play store. What's scary is that it seems to be deleting RANDOM songs, no explanation for that. I noticed this when I try to redownload my library, some songs are instantly reloaded after going online mode, like it's only reconnecting/refreshing a link that's been broken (example: the message "downloading songs 1 out of 1200" instantly jumps to 20), but it actually stops and download song 21, then jump to another, stop and download another, on and on.

My solution is to copy the "Storage" folder from my PC to the Storage folder of my SD card and voila! It can work vice versa too when the Desktop app messed up. After copying, I just go online on the android app and this message: "downloading songs 1 out of 1200" instantly jumps from 1 to the very end.

Ugly but it's standard process: keep a back-up. You can keep the backup folder inside your phone, PC, etc.
Storage folder location on Mobile: Android\data\\files\spotifycache\Storage
Default Storage folder location on PC: C:\Users\<your-user-name>\AppData\Local\Spotify\Storage

Hope it helps!


Hey @Xtian_69,


Thank you for your reply.


We understand that things can feel frustrating when it's not working as expected. Rest assure that we want to help you.


Can you confirm if you've followed the steps that @Xenia provided in the thread?


We'll keep an eye out for your reply.



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I'm a software developer myself, and I CAN ASSURE YOU NONE OF THOSE THINGS you mention is affecting my experience with Spotify.

- I don't have WiFi Assist enabled, Spotify is only blocked from using Data when in Data mode.
- Quality is not the issue since Windows quality is high, iOS and Android is normal, and the issue persists.
- Is not a faulty SD since my Android's SD is a Class 10 brand new SD, and iOS devices doesn't have SD, and the issue persisted.
- I only have downloads on 3 devices: Windows Laptop, Android Phone, iPad.
- Content is not blocked or removed since is constantly being downloaded.

So maybe don't blame us for your lack of ability to try and fix this issue, because this issues has been around FOR THOUSANDS OF US SINCE MANY YEARS AGO.

Seriously are you trying to wash your hands and blame us for your issues? So you are telling me, Asus, LG and Apple are the ones to blame not you? Weird because I had 0 issues when I tried Apple Music, Amazon Music and YouTube Music. Maybe it's time to make the switch.


I agree with all of this. Spotify has been doing this to me for years now. And I’ve tried all the things they suggest. The worst was when I went on a trip, I made sure I had everything I wanted downloaded ahead of time, only to find when I left (outside of service area), my songs ALL deleted. This is beyond annoying. Looking into other music services now...


I'm on a premium family plan I'm using a Huawei P10 Lite, Android v 8.0.0.