Spotify divides my battery capacity by 4, right?


Spotify divides my battery capacity by 4, right?


Hello everyone,


I installed Spotify on my PC and my 2013 Moto X (4.4.4) yesterday. I'm pretty impressed by the desktop app... works like a charm, respect.

But today I realized that the battery capacity of the phone went in a few hours from 95% to 33%. Normally my phone needs a recharge every 4 days.


Now look at this:



The really stunning thing is... I did NOT use the phone at all! I wasn't even logged into Spotify, I did not listen to anything...


So you want to tell me that an app drains my battery like this by doing nothing? HA :) No, honestly... I can look over the fact that one cannot disable Spotify Connect (which is also a complete nogo from a software developers point of view)... but that picture on the left is just ridiculous.


1. The app runs as a background task even if I'm not logged in

2. What the hell is the app doing then????


After I checked out your desktop app I really expected a little bit more professional app with user friendly options like disabling Spotify Connect and such. But if things stay like this, you won't earn my 10 bucks / month, sorry.