Spotify doesn't respond after I click the play button


Spotify doesn't respond after I click the play button

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Not expecting trouble, I want to tune in some music (via 4G, not wifi). So I grab my phone, open Spotify, click play. The song plays for about 30 seconds, and then it stops. The progress bar (or what it's called) is at 0s. So I click play again. Same thing happens. Sometimes the song just restarts but in most cases it just stops.


So I try doing anything and find out that after I click play, the app just ceases to listen to me. Pause, next song, previous song - not working. I can search through my playlists and saved music but when I tap a track's name, nothing happens.


More on the subject: when I play a song (30 seconds of it I should say) and minimize the app, no icon appears at the notification bar (a Spotify icon should).


This happens for the third time. Two first solutions:


1. I reseted the device to factory settings. It worked but it happened 3 weeks ago - doing it again (and again and again in the future) seems counterproductive.


2. I cleared the notification bar from all notifications and then I uninstalled two apps: Twilight (by Urbanoid - it has a built in notification icon, so I thought there might be a conflict) and Snoopify (by Snoop Dogg - it doesn't make sense but I had installed it a few days before the problem first occured).


Both solutions did the trick. I don't want to redo the first one and I can't redo the second one (the apps are already gone).



What are the steps you took to get to the error/issue?

I woke up. That's basically it because this happened to me 3 times early in the morning after listening to music before falling asleep.


What I expected to happen

Well, I just want the music to play.


Did you restart your device when troubleshooting in section B?



Did you read the connection troubleshooting tips?



Your device

Nexus 5


Device’s Operating System

5.0.1 Lollipop


What type of account do you have?



Space left on your device

22 GB


Is your device rooted?



Did you set your external SD card as storage location?



Did you manually install an older version before installing the latest version from the Play Store?



Do you have the same issue when switching between WiFi/Mobile Data?

I am yet to check it with WiFi. The issue applies to Mobile Data.


My mobile Spotify version


My mobile provider and country

nju mobile (the brand belongs to Orange), Poland


Do you have a Spotify (non-Facebook) login?



Are you logging in with Facebook or with your Spotify login details?

Facebook login


Do you have any screenshots you can attach to more clearly explain your issue?

No but they wouldn't help.

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I recommend you contact Spotify Support using the form here.

You will get an automated reply at first, however if you need to chase them just reply to the email as it does get monitored.

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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The same problem here,and the same configuration.