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Spotify doesn't seem to be storing music on sd card

Spotify doesn't seem to be storing music on sd card

Hi everybody,


I have a Moto G4 Plus running under Nougat. I'm not quite sure Spotify saves my offline music on my sd card (used as an external storage device). Although I tried a clean reinstall (by also deleting any remaining Spotify folder on the sd card) and duely selected the 'save to sd card' option in the app itself,  each time I download music again, the heaviest app coming up on the internal storage is Spotify.

Strangely enough, the data also is on my external sd card...I don't really understand what's going on and it's eating up my internal storage space as well as my patience ;-)...Any idea would be welcome!



PS: a few screenshots are joined if need be...

screenshot (1).png
screenshot (2).png
screenshot (3).png
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This has been reported as a bug here.

thanks for pointing me there. I'm disappointed to learn it's been 6 months arlready since this bug was 'highly prioritized'...seems to me like a major flow that should be adressed in the swiftest manner

At least it's in the devs' queue. I originally reported this bug in September last year but they refused to take it seriously so we have progress 🙂


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