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Spotify extremely slow and buggy Lg g6

Spotify extremely slow and buggy Lg g6

Hello !

Every time i open spotify , loading the songs list takes an awful long time and i can't scroll my albums list too fast because it will lag and shutdown. Even offline mode is messy as **bleep**. Skipping songs by swiping and ending up 3 songs after. I don't know why it is messed up so much.

I set my spotify storage to be on my sd card. Also , downloading is slow too even though my connection is not slow and phone is brand new. I had the same problem with my lg g3 2 months ago.

I do not have this problem on pc
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You won't like what I'm about to say but give it a try, it will help eliminate any issues with the SD card.

Uninstall spotify, delete the folder /android/data/ from your SD card then reinstall spotify. Leave the cache in internal storage for a while and see if it runs any quicker.

Will try. Thanks for your quick response kind sir.

The same occurs me on my S7, so I try what he tells you. Uninstall app, and then format my sd because no way to find that folder, then my phone says that my SD is damaged...but now Spotify works perfect

Thanks for sharing that with us @vgarauverdera and sorry that your SD card is screwed 😞 Have you tried formatting/repairing it in a PC?

I also have the same issues you are talking about. I have tried multiple times uninstalling, deleting the folder and reinstalling the app and still run into the same issues. I even changed my storage settings from my SD card to internal storage without any change of functionality. Really hope this changes soon..

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