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Spotify get stuck and reboots my phone.

Spotify get stuck and reboots my phone.

I'm having this annoying problem a couple months ago, when I'm using spotify in speaker mode on my Xperia L the app gets stuck until it reboots my phone, it happens as many times as possible among the first 3 hours of use in the morning when im just listening to music. I know is not my phone's issue cuz it flows nice multitasking other apps.

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Have you tried re-installing the app?!/article/reinstallation-of-spotify

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yes i did and it didn't work so i thought it was a OS error, so i wiped my phone, re installed the android 4.2 version and the problem kept going, today it rebooted twice only, I thought some apps might be causing this problem so I uninstalled them and it didn't work 😕 don't know what to do, i just want to listen to my music!. paying for a crashing app its trashy.

Hi. because this isn't a widely reported issue and the fact that you've done a clean install as well as factory reset of the device means you've covered the standard trouleshooting. Only thing standard I can think of is to validate that you do not have a corrupt SD card... can you backup your external SD Card and run a full format, uninstall Spotify, then pop the SD card back in and install Spotify again. Now login and see if the issue persists?


If that fails we need to delve further. Please see this post onXDA as to how to grab a logcat; this is the running Android log and will show us what even/process was last to occur before the crash and will help us to find out exactly what is causing the issue. follow this tutorial to setup getting a logcat then perform the tasks as you would, when you get the crash export the log. Upload it here and I'll take a look for you.


How to Logcat:

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ok i will try everything and will let you know!

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