Spotify in my Car


Spotify in my Car


Hi I have Spotify Premium and I want to play my downloaded playlist in my Car via my Samsung S6. 

I have connected my phone to the media centre in my Car via USB but it just says no files excist.

My Car also has an Aux input which is round like a 3.5mm headphone jack.


Can you help please


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I will try to keep this short. but I am too riddled with excitement... Just discovered something very odd with the USB in the arm rest of my Nissan Frontier.


Satellite radio was always the preference in my truck until just a few weeks ago...

Currently, I have an iPhone 6. The USB did however, always let you hear sound from any app coming through the phone to speakers of the truck including the turn by tun directions on Apple maps, and other audio apps like CBC radio.

There were only ever a few songs on my phone from iTunes


Joined Spotify. Listened to it via speakers in the truck for a whole day....later in the evening, I deleted every song of my iTunes.

Next morning....Nothing. Thought there was a USB connection issue. It was still charging and I could see the tracks being played on Spotify but nothing was coming through the speakers. Was there a bad connection going to the speakers?


Took truck to Nissan to confirm the uses of the USB port in armrest. I was told that it's only iTunes it should work with (USB) and not the other 3rd party apps. I told them I used to listen previously and that apple maps, turn by turn directions would also always come though speakers.

By the time I left Nissan, I was very confused . I was even second guessing if had ever heard turn by turn directions and Spotify though the speakers?.. Or was it just the speaker phone I was really listening to Spotify with, for a whole day in my Truck?

I should mention that in the truck, the display on stereo would read "no song found"....I therefore knew that there was a connection somehow as I had no music on my iTunes.


Later in the day, being still annoyed. I decided to download one song only to my phone.

I then proceeded to plug the phone in via the armrest USB and Voila! everything coming through the speaker now...Spotify, iTunes, turn by turn directions and 3rd party audio apps! Very odd Glitch..

Hope this can help someone out... I came very close to buying another unit for the truck....

Re: Spotify in my Car


This trick just saved me on a road trip with a 2019 Nissan Frontier rental with the same issue! Thanks for taking the time to post!


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Funny Stuff, I barely remembered the post. I had to re-read. I  upgraded unit in the end, it was driving me mad....Glad you got through the road trip.