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Spotify in my car with Nexus 5 (Vw Rns315)

Spotify in my car with Nexus 5 (Vw Rns315)

Hi all,


First, sorry for my English...


I have a little problem when i plug my phone (Nexus 5 - Android) in my usb cable car (Media-in / usb and RNS315 audio in VW)...
In my setup, i choose media-in and i wait... but the phone is not recognized... And when i played the song (off line mode), the sound comes to the phone and not by the audio speakers of the car...
With my iphone4s and the media-in / apple cable, spotify works correctly and the sound comes to audio speakers of the car...

I don't understand where is the problem...


Thxs... 🙂

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Unfortunately you cannot use USB as an audio output. To listen to streams in the car you must use either Bluetooth or the headphone jack.

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