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Spotify incredible slow on Moto X Play, almost unusable

Spotify incredible slow on Moto X Play, almost unusable




I've been having problems with spotify on my Moto X Play for months now. It's incredible slow. Two months ago I posted this problem on Reddit, but no succes. The app is still incredicle slow. starting the app can take up to a minute (maybe longer), most of the time I have to kill the app completely to try again, because it simply wont work. Skipping songs doesn't work many times, because the UI just freezes for a few seconds and sometimes the app crashes completely. Songs sometimes stop out of nowhere sometimes, especially when it tries to load a new song or when I use te UI. Overall the app is slow and every single action takes long loadingtimes. Sometimes it does work properly, but that is pretty rare.


It even seems a bit worse than before, but I have more songs stored offline rigt now (Somewhere between 3000 and the 3333 limit, highest quality), so that may be a reason. Also, I'm not the only one. Other people on Reddit  seem to have the exact same problem. Another example: Here.


Using the offline mode seems to help a bit so far, but it's not really a solution for me, as it still is slow and I use my chromecast and songradio's all the time. 


It seems to be a problem with all Moto X Play and Moto X Pure devices, especially when there are many songs stored offline, but I'm not sure. This problem makes the app almost unusable for me. 


I really hope you guys can help me with this problem. I love spotify, but this is a terrible app.


Thanks in advance!





My original Reddit post: 



Spotify is incredible slow on my Moto X Play. My music is stored on a 64GB SD card. I think I have stored around 2500 songs offline in the highest quality, but I've hit the 3333 limit multiple times in the past.


Starting up costs an incredible amount of time and when it's finally there, the app is slow anyway. The UI sometimes takes over 10 seconds to load (I think) and the songs "lag" on a regular basis, especially when it tries to load a new song. I have the "fade in/out" option turned on. I'm not sure, but it seems like the problem occurs more and more often past few weeks. It's driving me crazy. Sometimes it works without a problem tho. More people seem to have this problem, but I can't find a real solution.


Anyone found a solution yet?

I'm a premium user btw.


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Firstly the fact that you have so many songs downloaded would be the first issue, as the app would have to load them all every time you start it up. This is going to casue lag, as the device you mentioned has only 2GB of RAM, so this would be the first bottleneck.


Secondly, the SD card in a phone will never be as fast as the built in flash storage, so this would also contribute to slow loading times; another slow down.


Have you made sure to clear your multitasking before opening spotify, as by having multiple apps open can use a lot of your RAM. 


Other than that I can't really think of much else that could help now, so if none of these suggestions work, let me know.

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