Spotify is being extremely glitchy lately.


Spotify is being extremely glitchy lately.

Alright so starting about 2 weeks ago spotify started just pausing the music often enough that it became an annoyence. It happens with/without earphones and/or bluetooth speakers. It can happen 5 time in 20 minute or it can be the entire day without doing it. I have a galaxy s5 and i have spotify connected to my ps4 which is not on most of the time and my computer which is also not on too often. And starting around two days ago spotify is not loading album art. Ive already search around and the other posted issues are either to old to be relevant or relevant to computer. I dont wanna reinstall seeing that i have a lot of songs downloaded and all i use is my data because my wifi isnt the best. Any fixes or anything i can do
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Gig Goer

Hey odddream, you can try to clear your cache and then restart your phone. Go to settings>apps>downloaded>search for spotify>clear cache. If the app is still laggy, sry to say you need to reinstall the app. Maybe you have too many songs downloaded so your phone becomes laggy after a certain period of time, you should probably undownload some songs or put the songs in normal quality. Hope that helps, have a nice day ahead ^w^