Spotify keeps deleting my downloaded music


Spotify keeps deleting my downloaded music

Hello everyone,
The music I have downloaded on my phone keeps on un-downloading itself from my playlist, so I log on offline and have no music available to listen to. While this isn't a massive problem when I'm on the go in Holland (where I live) I'm headed abroad for 2 months soon and would really like to make sure it doesn't happen whilst I'm there.
Also, since I can only download to 3 devices, Spotify counts my re-downloading as a new device and then proceeds to remove all music from my tablet too!
This whole procedure occurs about every 2 weeks and I'm getting fed up of it now. Im not very tech-savvy so easiest explanation possible if you can help me please.
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Spotify keeps deleting my downloaded music

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Hi. It sounds like your SD card keeps unmounting possibly because it is faulty or because it's not making a good contact with the phone. The quick solution is to remove the SD card, reinstall spotify and use internal storage for spotify.