Spotify keeps pausing songs


Spotify keeps pausing songs

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Hi folks.

When playing streamed songs and or playlists, Spotify randomly pauses so I have to press Play button again and again and again and......
You get the point.
Any suggestions......hmmmmmm.....??

Regards from Ice and Fire
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Beyond a joke that this has been allowed to go on so well.

Reset of phone, app itself, power saving options doesn't make a difference. It's a bug within the app itself.

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Found a resolution for this, at least for me anyway. Been problem free for over 2 weeks.

Completely uninstall spotify fully.
Then follow the link below and delete all offline devices:

Reinstall spotify, job done.

Since doing this it does not stop randomly, crash or fail to load up which covers most of the problems people post about on here.

Hope it helps other people and spotify take note of this.

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I am using an HTC One M9 running Android 7.0 and none of the settings listed above line up.   I do not have the paid Spotify, and will never do so until this problem is fixed.  I tried reinstalling, but the problem persists.  I did have one possible issue that may be part of the problem - our ISP is Google Fiber, and my Spotify popped up a message (I can't recall if it was before playback stopped) that it had "found Google Chrome." However, under "Devices Available" it indicates that it is "listening on this phone," even though the phone is silent and there is no sound (even though Spotify shows that the song is playing and the sound is turned up).


Can we please get a workable response on this?  I've been listening to Pandora instead of Spotify because of this issue - this does not happen on any of my other media apps, and I will not consider using the paid version of Spotify until this is cleared up.



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I have an HTC One M9 running Android 7.0.  Reinstallation does NOT solve the problem.

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Doesn't work.


I deleated Spotify did a Windows 10 update restarted the Dell laptop reinstalled Spotify and so far it has been working no problems....

After trying everything and failing to fix the problem i finally fixed the issue.. settings...stroage.....explore.. data..... find spotify. .... clear and deleate all info thats in there.. worked for me👍 yay

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Not working for me. I have an IPhone and have tried everything I can think of including speaking with a support rep from Spotify. It happens whether I have earphones or any type of cable plugged in. Not an issue otherwise.

As a test I downloaded Amazon Prime, which my wife has a limited subscription with, and the same issue seems to be occurring, albeit less frequently.

I'm of the opinion this is now more likely a hardware issue with IPhone 6, 10.3.3.

Happy to take any suggestions though.

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I found the solution a while ago, and it was because my device was on power saving mode.

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Yeah I saw your reply and I did toggle my iPhone on & off power save mode but to no effect.

It's entirely possible my phone has been damage or there's a hardware issue. It's just odd & frustrating that this isn't a problem when I play music through the regular phone speaker, only when a cord is plugged in. It also doesn't seem to give me issues playing videos online, only Spotify and apparently Amazon Prime as well.


I got the same problem too! It is actually **bleep**ing annoying the music stops itself every few minutes. I never experienced this thing before, it just happened today! Before my Spotify always work smoothly. And now I have no idea how to work it properly 😞


I have the same issue where it seems to pause itself and I have to go back into the app to press play to start it again. It seems to be random and usually happens within a few hours of it occurring so it’s not as regular as per song etc.


Just bought a new S8 from new and reinstalled Spotify as I thought it might have been my old phone but the issue is still happening. I have noticed that when it does pause I lose the player notification on the ‘always on display’ on my phone but pulling down the notification bar does pull up the Spotify controls.


I’m going mad trying to find the solution to fix this


I have tried/done the below:

  • Cleared the cache
  • Cleared the cache, uninstalled, restarted and reinstalled from fresh
  • Disconnected Bluetooth devices
  • Turned off Bluetooth
  • Removed apps that might interfere such as my pebble app, android wear etc
  • Add Spotify to be exempt from power saving
  • Made its notifications priority   
  • Tried over Wi-Fi and 4G
  • Saved a playlists for offline use
  • Changed phone and fresh installed Spotify
  • OS is fully update
  • Spotify is fully up to date




**bleep** this has been so annoying. I'm all bout my music. So I PRAY this works.....  I will try turning off the saving mode.  Thank you so so much.  



How can I fix the problem on a LG Stylo?


Hi, I had the same problem for a few months and after trying everything above, I just solved what was causing Spotify to stop for me. Spotify would just stop, leaving the play button ready to be pressed again. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. The problem was the Google voice recognition function of Google (I think it was trying to respond to the lyrics from the music). 

Here's what I did:

1. Open Google

2. At the bottom right hand corner, tap the 3 horizontal lines

3. Tap Settings

4. Tap Accounts & Privacy

5. Tap Google Activity Controls

6. Tap Voice & Audio Activity

7. Slide the tab across from "On" to "Paused". 

I wonder if some people with iphones might also be having problems with Suri's voice recognition function, just a thought? Anyway, I hope this helps!



I have this also and I have a Samsung S8.

So far I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, disabling power save mode, plugging my phone into a power socket ... any other ideas? This is so annoying!

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I have an S6 and its happening to me too. None of the above remidies seem to work...


I have the smwe problem. Spotify keeps pausing and I pay for premium so it irritates me. I tried the method you recommended but it still isnt working.


Same here.