Spotify not working on Samsung Galaxy S9+


Spotify not working on Samsung Galaxy S9+


I have been dealing with this issue for over a month now and it is extremely frustrating. When I open the Spotify app it shows the black screen with spp logo in the middle and then just keeps reloading that same black screen/app logo green rolling circle (see screen shot below). Over and over and over again. There is a blue bar at the bottom with my username and "google smart lock" as well. 


I have tried:

1. Reset device

2. Clear cache -> clear data -> reset device

3. Clear cache -> clear data -> Unistall app -> reinstall app

4. Clear cache -> clear datat -> Unistall app -> restart phone -> reinstall app

5. Resetting password on website and then all of the above scenarios again

6. Changing passwork on google passwords website and all of the above.

***None of these have worked***






Samsung Galaxy S9+ 

Operating System

Android version 9


How do I fix this issue??? I am beyond frustrated now. Paying for a service that I can't use is just ridiculous. 


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