Spotify offline mode doesn't work?


Re: Spotify offline mode doesn't work?

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Is your phone definitely connected to Spotify, can you stream a track that isn't synced to your device?

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Re: Spotify offline mode doesn't work?

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When I'm in offline mode I can't do anything. If I go online, I am able to do everything normal. If it weren't for the fact that it totally eats up my data and I spend a lot of my day away from wifi, I wouldn't have even noticed the change. But I was frustrated the other day when I realized my month's worth of data was gone! I can't afford to use it unless I have offline mode fixed, unfortunately :(

Re: Spotify offline mode doesn't work?

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Spotify offline mode doesn't work for me either outside my wifi and I have also 4g and several GBs on my taffic? Could someone help me new to this.

Many thanks Helen