Spotify on Alexa causes Unrelated music apps on my phone to pause


Spotify on Alexa causes Unrelated music apps on my phone to pause

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We use Echo/Alexa devices at home, and someone at home might ask it to play back music from Spotify.

Since it's not possible to use multiple Spotify accounts on the Echo yet (as I understand, it, anyway - and certainly even when it is possible it will be fiddly for switching for a while) the Spotify account it uses is my own one. We do have a family Spotify plan though.

*Even when I'm out the house*, this causes Spotify on my phone to start, and each time it changes track, it pauses whatever ELSE I was listening to. For example, if I'm using PocketCast in the car to listen to a podcast, someone at home asking the Echo for a song will PAUSE my podcast in the car!


I'd understand it if I was using Spotify in the car (and the future solution there is voice recognition on the Echo to decide which Spotify account to use...), but I'm not using Spotify in the car, yet it causes my playback anyway.


It's a little fustrating, and I can't think of a good solution!


My phone is an Android OnePlus 3, was running N, but now running O. Not checked if it still happens since moving to O, as the upgrade was just in the last day.


Anyone else experience this?

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Hello @Nick_


First of all, changing Spotify accounts on Echo by voice recognition is not supported at lest yet. It was restricted to use by Amazon apps only, but they opened it to developers few days ago, so I assume it would be coming soon.

When somebody starts listening on your Echo, because of Spotify Connect it shows on all devices your account is connected to. Unforutnately there is no way to disable it 😞


Sice I experienced the same problem, here is my workaround for it, until they enable switching by voice.Your Family subscription allows total of 6 accounts (the one who pays for it and 5 additional ones).

If you have one slot free, you can create a new account specificaly for Amazon devices and link it to your Echo. Since its a separate account if someone is using it, it won't show on your phone and interupt your music and you can listen simultaneouslyon your phone and on Echo.


Hope this helps.