Spotify on Android won't let me log in


Spotify on Android won't let me log in


I have a spotify premium account and have been trying to listen on my phone today, but the app is telling me that I am not logged in.  I log in using my Facebook account.  I click "login via FB" and it acts like it's logging me in, I see my playlists for a split second, and then it tells me to log in with my Spotify username and password which don't exist because I've always used my Facebook login.


I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, restarting my phone, and logging out of and back into Facebook, and nothing has helped.  Spotify is working on my desktop just fine.


I would appreciate any advice.  Thanks!

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I have this same issue.  Reinstalled Spotify seems to work for a day before problem comes back.  This is making Spotify unusable.  Why am I paying for something that is causing me hours of hassle and I can't use?

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I'm having the exact same issue, and unless I can figure out how to fix it, I'm going to have to cancel my subscription.

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Someone from a similar thread in the forums gave a way that actually worked for me, so I thought I would share it with you guys in case you haven't already seen it. When it logs you back out and gives you the option of signing in with your spotify details or saying that you are new to spotify and 'lets go!', click that you are new. It takes you back to your playlists and works normal.


I still think it is something that should be addressed with the app, since a lot of people seem to be leaving because of it and it really had me worried about my subscription going to waste. 


Hopefully this ends up working for you guys too and gets resolved soon!


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I think viproof is right here.


There should be an option that will say "Are you already a user?" or "I'm new, let's go!". I can see how this is confusing if you've already had an account on your computer for a while.


But, you should be fine to press "Let's go!" and use Spotify. If it looks like a totally new account, let me or one of our advisors know and we'll take a look for you. 

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