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Spotify pauses after every song

Spotify pauses after every song

Hi there,

I hope you can help me with my problem.
Spotify automatically pauses at the end of every song I play. It doesn't matter if I play a downloaded playlist or stream a random playlist.

Restarting my mobile Phone, changing the streaming quality etc doesn't solve the problem. What else can I do?

Greetings, Chris.

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Likewise, I have the same problem and have to manually skip through the songs. Also tried the above without success.

Erasing cache data and reinstalling Spotify after a reboot didn't solve the problem. Still a automatic pause after every song.... Any tips?

Same problem on my Xperia Z5


Hmmm, my phone is also a Sony Experia Z5 (compact)... 

I am also on an Xperia z5. There must be some technical geniuses on here that can help!?

Same problem. Z5 compact as well.

I think it so that Android kills the Spotify service so it won't monitor the play queue due to low system resources available.

An idea how to solve that **bleep** out?

Same problem here, and same phone: Xperia Z5 Compact. Tried everything I know of, no solution.

Same issue with my new Z5 , have to say spotify help desk are clueless , have wasted an entire Sunday afternoon corresponding , uninstalling , reinstalling . They must be aware of the issue with the current version , judging by the amount of similar posts. Come on guys sort it out please ?

What version of Spotify you's using?

Apparently an easy workaround is to set Crossfade to 1 sec, tried it and it works for me.

Otherwise here is the thread regrdring the samme issue with solutions:

Another solution which worked for me was to revert to previous version of Spotify, I'm now running version and it works like a dream. To do it, I backed up my phone using Settings-backup & reset. Then did a factory data reset. After that my Spotify was reverted to an old version and then it's a simple job of going into your Google play and disabling the auto update feature.


Thank you very much for your time in response. The cross fade temporary band aid is working until the Spotify guys have a patch ….


Just moved from Z2 to Z5 Compact a few days ago and having the same issue.

Setting the crossfade (which is not a bad thing) is solving the problem.

Waiting for an update to fix it definitely !

Having exact same problem. Also on Z5 Compact 😞
Crossfade works for me as well but I still hope they fix it as I hate the crossfade -.-'

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