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Spotify pauses, shuffles randomly on Samsung S8

Spotify pauses, shuffles randomly on Samsung S8






Samsung Galaxy S8


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I never had issues with Spotify until I upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy S6 to the S8. Now, Spotify will pause and shuffle at random. Sometimes it will work for a while and then start glitching, but it tends to glitch like crazy when I'm in transit or when I have it placed in my pocket. However, it works almost perfectly when I'm at my desk at home or the office, connected to WiFi. Maybe it's an issue with data? But I often have them in offline mode to save data, so I'm not sure how this would be an issue since it shouldn't be connected to a signal. Often when it starts glitching, other things start acting up simultaneously. Google assistant and the ringtone volume bar will appear and disappear several times, as if the device has a mind of its own.


I've tried clearing my Spotify cache, uninstalling the app, totally rebooting my phone, reinstalling, changing settings, etc, etc... Exact same issue is happening with SoundCloud. My phone is new and I need my music back! Please help. 


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