Spotify pauses when I receive a message through hangouts


Spotify pauses when I receive a message through hangouts


Spotify pauses for about 2 seconds whenever I receive a message from Google Hangouts. This all happens whenever I am actively using the app.  What noticed is that when I turn off notification completely and I receive a message, the music continues to play. If I have notifications on, then it pauses for about two seconds. I uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify and it is still doing the same thing. 


Is there something that I'm missing?

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The same is true on the iphone, any notification that produces an audible alert wil interupt music.  I suspect turning off the audible alert will help or maybe try the do not disturb feature that will stop alerts while listening to music.

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There's another thread on this somewhere and yes it is an annoyance. I believe that the programmers could have spotify duck (reduce volume) rather than pause. Maybe in a future release............