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Spotify plays and pauses infinintely on Bluetooth

Spotify plays and pauses infinintely on Bluetooth

I have a problem with Spotify when using Bluetooth.


I have an Asus Padfone 2 and when it's connected via BT, Spotify keeps on pausing and playing (basically switching between this every second) while the normal Android music player is functioning fine. All other functionalitities via BT work fine as well. It's just Spotify.


- I already deleted and re-installed Spotify

- I already disconnected and re-connected the phone to my car radi

- When using Spotify from a different smartphone, it works fine over BT


Could this have something to do with the BT version? My Padfone 2 uses Bluetooth 4.0

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It could be the bluetooth profile system yes, what bluetooth system does your phone use?



My phone uses Bluetooth 4.0


I tried various Spotify versions, but so far all of them have the same issue.


Im having the exact same issue and i have completed the same troubleshooting steps as above. I didnt have any issues until i upgraded my device

I guess Spotify doesn't care about Bluetooth issues. This really sucks. Here's a list of things that do work:


If Spotify doesn't come up with a solution, I will try a different service once my subscription ends. It's really frustrating to realize that free music players are performing a lot better than a paid subscription app like Spotify.

Have you tried the free app A2DP Volume to see if it makes any difference?

I tried that, it gives me the option to chose apps, but still Spotify is the only one having trouble. 

I might have a related issue, though a bit different.


I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.3 (stock, rooted). I use the official Samsung car dock that connects with the 3-pin connector and it's hooked up the auxilary port in my car. I also started using bluetooth for hands-free calling. For that to work properly, I have to uncheck 'Media audio' under the pairing options, which make sense, otherwise it'll try to send out audio over bluetooth.


When I set it up this way, Spotify keeps pausing every few seconds, but the interval is pretty random. Sometimes it pauses after a few seconds, sometimes I'm halfway through a song. But once it happens, it'll happen again within 10-20 seconds. Constantly...


This is really starting to annoy me...


I have reinstalled Spotify, cleared all data/caching. Even did a full factory reset en data wipe of my phone. On top of that I reinstalled a completely different (custom) ROM (but also 4.3). The only thing that seems to help is turning of the 'Media audio' option under the bluetooth pair, or just completely disable bluetooth. Both not an option.

Bluetooth streaming isn't officially supported by Spotify although it does seem to work for most folk. The setup you're using, @realone introduces additional variables and, unless someone else here is using the same setup, you're more likely to get an answer on one of the android forums.

The thing is, I'm not streaming over bluetooth but the simple old audio-out over the jack plug. It happens when I use Spotify like that while also being connected to my car for phone audio. It's not a real special setup and I don't see why this shouldn't work.

I've also now run into this problem since I recently upgraded my HTC One to android 4.3. After that, when the phone is paired with my car (only for phone calls, NOT for bluetooth audio streaming) Spotify is unusable and continually pauses. I am just using the headphone out to the aux in on my car. This problem only started for me with Android 4.3.

Update: Was able to stop Spotify pausing all the time in the car by going into my phone's bluetooth settings and setting the car connection to not use the media profile.

i am also recently facing this annoyance. i am using oppo f1plus. used to have no problem until recently where the music will pause every 10-30 seconds and then i will have to manually play it again which really irritates me. is there anything i can do to get it to play smoothly back?

Hey, all.

I was just having this issue also, turns out the issue was that I had more than one device connecting to the Bluetooth speaker. Once I disconnected each of the devices it completely stopped. Hope this helps!

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