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Spotify's "homepage" is HOME

Spotify's "homepage" is HOME

Hi, before when you entered spotify at your phone, "your library" automaticly appered. this was so nice because then it was just a few tapps to enter your playlist.



now HOME apperas and you haw to press many things to get to your playists and you also need internet conection fore your playlist to show at HOME. 


how do i get rid of HOME as my "startpage" and get "my LIBRARY" back as homepage..?  and where is the lyrics??

2 Replies

Looks like the Home page is here to stay. You don't need to go online just swipe right or tap the hamburger menu bars to access Your Music as normal. Not too sure what you mean about lyrics. The only way to get lyrics on android has always been to use a third party app like musixmatch.

thanks. i know i can swipe to the right. but it takes so mutch longer time than it used to do. im sorry about the lyrics. i ment lytics on pc..

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