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Spotify starts playing after it's been paused for a long time

Spotify starts playing after it's been paused for a long time

If I pause my Spotify but leave it open and accessbile in the notifications bar on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, it will start playing again if I unmute and mute a video on instagram or facebook and after I turn my alarm off in the morning. I've turned off player in my notifications bar (swiped it away) and it still starts playing. I've also completely closed the app in my task manager and had it start playing anyway once.

I recently updated to the 8.4.3 version and I don't remember it happening before this update. Has anyone else had this issue or have any suggestions? I've tried looking in the settings but don't see anything that looks like it will fix the problem.
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Hi @kdmo1005!


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Let's try this out: go to your phone's Settings > Battery > tap the three-dot icon at the top Battery optimization > tap the drop-down arrow > All apps > Spotify > Don't optimize.
I suggest you try a clean reinstall and see if it helps. This usually fixes most problems 🙂
Note: This will remove any saved offline tracks and cache.
Let us know how it goes with this!

That worked-thanks!

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