Spotify starts playing music after phone calls


Spotify starts playing music after phone calls


Plan - Free

Country - Australia

Device - Google Pixel

Operating System - Android 9


My Question or Issue

I've been listening to Spotify then pause a track and minimise the app. If I receive or make a phone call, once the call is ended, Spotify just starts playing where it left off, even though Spotify has been off for hours. The little Spotify window, that either pops up when the phone is locked or it's tucked away in my drop down menu, is non responsive. I have to open the app and pause the song from there. I also can't seem to close the little Spotify window from my drop down menu 


I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I've tried logging out and logging back in too, but I still keep having the same issue. It's very annoying.


I used to have premium but then I changed to the free version, it may be coincidental, but I think this started happening around the same time I made the change.  Would really love this problem fixed, almost just changed to YouTube but I thought I'd best try and resolve the problem first.