Spotify stopped connecting to Echo

Spotify stopped connecting to Echo







Sony Xperia XZ1 

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Android 9


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Spotify stopped connecting to Echo. As of yesterday, Spotify won't connect to my Echo. I had been connected earlier in the day, and hadn't changed anything. Spotify shows the Echo as an available device, but when I select it, it says, "Connecting" for a minute or so, and then reverts back to saying, "Available devices". If I ask Alexa to play XYZ, it says, "Playing XYZ from Spotify", but doesn't do it. Obviously the Echo perceives a connection. I've checked the status of my Spotify Premium account, and it's fine. I disconnected and reconfigured my Spotify account and my Amazon Alexa account, but it didn't help. 

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It doesn't look as though there's much helpful activity on this forum. Anyway, I resolved the problem, after trying everything else, by removing and reinstalling the Alexa app. 


It happened again today, and again I  had to remove and reinstall the Alexa app. Still, it seems to be a Spotify problem, because Alexa sees Spotify, but Spotify doesn't see the Echo. Also, the Echo was connecting to other Smart Home devices. 


Having a same problem here, but removing and reinstalling alexa app didn't solved it... why.... 


Oh I solved it by removing power cable from my echo and replug. Just like that after so many other things I've tried😂 


Hey there @S_Woods,


Thanks for the post and for sharing what solved the issue for you. Other users facing the same problem will find this very helpful.



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