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Spotify stopped working on my Huawei Y5P

Spotify stopped working on my Huawei Y5P






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Hello dear Spotify team! I've had an issue with my Spotify for about a week now where I just can't get it to run anymore. This originally began after updating my version of Spotify about a week ago. I noticed that my Spotify would stop playing music and Crash after about 2 Minutes without fail. Didn't matter if I was doing something else or just playing it with all other Apps closed - about 2 Minutes after starting the app it would stop playing music, Crash, and Show the big Spotify Logo again (signalling a restart) when I switched over to it again. Either way, trying to resolve this issue I ended up logging out and then reinstalling the newest Version of Spotify, only to find out that it didn't work anymore at all. I'd open it to, once again, be greeted by the green Spotify Logo. However, this time it only Shows me a Black screen, briefly flashes the Logo at me again, and then Returns to the same Black screen. It's not completely Black - it's the same "Black" Spotify uses as its background so the app is clearly running in some capacity. However, even waiting on this screen does nothing, and I've had it Crash while waiting on this Black, empty screen as well. I feel like I've tried everything and nothing works. Several clean reinstalls following the guide you guys put out where I uninstall the App from the App Manager, Turn off my phone, and then reinstall the App, (including leaving my phone off for about an hour after uninstalling the app, not just a few Minutes. I should also mention that I have to use an apk to install Spotify as my Huawei does not Support Google Play Services. However, seeing how Spotify worked for months on this very phone before this Update and I've tried apks of several different Versions from several different sites, I doubt it's only that), trying several older Versions, and even switching between mobile data and WiFi. My phone just won't run the App anymore. Does anyone have any ideas or Suggestions? I'm at a complete loss, and I'd really love to have my music back. Thanks in advance. 

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Hi there @TheRealCBB,

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Since Huawei phones don't officially support the Google Play store and the official Mobile release of the Spotify app, we can't guarantee that the app would be running as expected.


That aside, you can check if there is any performance enhancing or battery optimization software running on your phone. Try switching those off for the Spotify app, as those often cause issues by limiting the functionality of the app.


You can also try doing a "clean" uninstall, shutting off the phone and removing your SD card, then start and install without the SD card to see if that makes any difference.


Hope you find this info useful. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have more questions.

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I recently experienced this issue. All you have to do is to optimize your device using the in built optimizer 

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