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Spotify stopping halfway through music

Spotify stopping halfway through music

Okay so, my friend logged into their spotify account on my phone (hasn't changed their login or anything like that) and they have premium. They set the playlist they have to offline mode after all the songs have been downloaded completely and played it. For the past few weeks, there has been an issue where, even after going back online to let any new songs download and app updates, there are a couple songs that end up getting paused randomly halfway through without warning. It's bothersome. I've seen people say that uninstalling and reinstalling works but that's hard to believe if the same version is being reinstalled. The cache has been cleared and the phone restarted several times. I've seen many unsolved cases here which shows me I'm not the only one. 


Phone model: Samsung J3 Prime

App Version:

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So are you using your friend's account or are you using your own?

I used their account so that I could get some music names off the playlist they made while they were hanging out with me. 


Also, on a very important note, it's not random. It pauses certain songs either way towards the beginning or halfway through with no explination. The app could be in the background or I could be in the app and it does this. It happened to me on my own account as well except on a different device so, I don't think it's my phone. Plus, my friend has premium and I do not so, I also don't think it's a premium or non-premium thing either. 

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