Spotify stops other audio when listening on another device


Spotify stops other audio when listening on another device

Casual Listener

I've started encountering an issue in the last couple of weeks.


I will be using another application for audio on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S6 running Android 6.0.1, Spotify V armV7) such as Audible or Play Music. If I then start to use Spotify on another device (phone, tablet, PC, etc) then the Spotify app on my phone will show up and stop all audio - even though I wasn't using Spotify on my phone.


I fully understand that I can only use Spotify on 1 device at a time while online. However, I should still be able to use other apps?


When this problem occurs, I will close Spotify, start playing the other application again, and often Spotify will again appear and stop my audio.


If this problem doesn't get solved, then I'm either going to have to constantly leave Spotify in offline mode on my phone until I want to use it, or I'm going to have to cancel my subscription and move to a rival service - having been a Spotify customer for about 6 years.