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Spotify stops playing after a minute or so...

Spotify stops playing after a minute or so...

As in subject - Spotify stops playing after a while, when in background. When i return i'ts resuming but stopping every time when i switch to another program or exit to "desktop". But it's not everything, when i start it "fresh" it says "This song is not available" for every song, turning off wi-fi helps but here we go with main problem - songs are stopping.


Phone is Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, Cyanogenmod 12, premium account (considering cancelling subscription right now), tried fresh reinstall, deleting data and cache, reloging, etc.


Please help me, i love Spotify and i don't want to have to search for the alternatives...


Sorry for my english...

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Wow, so much help! Thanks!

Subscription cancelled.

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