Spotify stops playing when I join my home WiFi.


Spotify stops playing when I join my home WiFi.

So everyday when I am walking home from work as soon as my Samsung Note 9 joins my home WiFi, my Spotify just stops playing my music. It always happens at the same place just outside of my flat. It's very odd because when I am on the train listening and it joins a public WiFi network its works fine. I have tried offline mode and it still happens, the songs I listen to are downloaded to my phone. Once the music stops playing I go to press play and nothing happens, I have to close the app down and restart. Its becoming very frustrating as it happens at the spot as I'm walking towards my home. Does anyone else have this issue?
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Re: Spotify stops playing when I join my home WiFi.


Hey @Shifty_Nifty.


Thanks for posting about this in the Community!


Just to confirm, when you're in offline mode, do you mean that your phone is set to airplane mode, or that you've toggled on offline mode in the Spotify app settings on your phone?


In any case, we suggest you try a clean reinstall by following the steps in this support article, making sure to also clear all app data (step 4).


Let us know how it goes! We'll be here in case you need any further help ;)

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