Spotify stops while playing on the background


Spotify stops while playing on the background









OnePlus 5

Operating System


Android 8.1


My Question or Issue

Spotify stops playing music while playing on the background each 20 minutes approximately. I need to take my phone, unlock it, open Spotify and press play, then it continues for the next 20 minutes and then stops again. It is happening with both bluetooth wireless and wired heaphones. 


This problem is an old one because I am facing it for a couple of months now. (since May/June I guess) and I have tried to clean cache, re-install the app several times during this time and for some period the problem goes away, but then it returns.


I know about Android battery optimization, so I have clicked on "Do not optimize" for Spotify app. But the issue is still there no matter what. Also, from time to time this "Do not optimize" option returns back to "Optimzie" by itself without actions from my side. (Maybe it returns after phone reboot or after receiving some software update, idk). 


The point is - what else can I do, why is it happening, how can I resolve it for good, because I am tired of re-installing the app. The problem constantly returns. 


I listen podcasts via other apps and there is no such problem - podcasts does not stop playing however Spotify does.  Music playing via Chrome browser also does not stops playing.


I am using both WiFi and 4G connection - issue is happening in both cases.


Any help is appreciated