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Spotify stutters on samsung gear fit 2

Spotify stutters on samsung gear fit 2



When playing a spotify playlist on the samsung gear fit 2 the music stutters. It doesn't matter if it is connected through WiFi, online/offline mode (playlist is downloaded) or which bluetooth devices (headphones or soundbar). I went through the whole forum but found no solution (although the previous thread on this was marked as solved).

Do you have any suggestions on this topic? 


Best regards

8 Replies

Same issue, looks like everyone has this problem. Only developers can fix this I'm afraid, hopefully they're aware of the problem.

Problem still alive.

Nobody cares !


Hopefully gets fixed in an update. I’m having this issue too.

Me Too

The new firmware should solve the problems. 


But I can't confirm because they don't offer it at now to my watch. 

I am on R360XXU1DQE6 and problem still alive


Is that new firmware for the Gear Fit 2 watch?

I have the same problem downloaded the app yesterday and all i hear is stuttering and pauses, it takes away the enjoyment of the music

Same problem here! Tried numerous things to fix this, but nothing helps..

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