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Spotify suddenly deleted all my offline songs

Spotify suddenly deleted all my offline songs

Hello there!

I'm super furious, because Spotify just deleted all my songs ( 600-800 songs). I've opened it after a restart, and the program told me that I've downloaded music to more than three devices, so it will erase every song on this one. After the message, I'm able to download music again...

I use Spotify on 2 computer and on this phone. That's it. Like for a year. Nothing new for ages.

It makes the whole thing worse, that I'm waiting for my flight ( approx 13h.), following a 14h one. I will die in boredom. Plus I won't have wi-fi for a few weeks. I try to save the situation with the super slow airport wi-fi. I already downloaded 40 tracks. Laughing, crying... well rather crying.
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