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Spotify uses GB of space on phone HD even when saving songs to SD card

Spotify uses GB of space on phone HD even when saving songs to SD card

Hi all,

I have Spotify configured to save all my saved music to a mounted 64GB SD card, which is working fine, but even with music being stored elsewhere the app's Data itself is still taking up 3.5GB of space on my phone's 16GB hard drive.


Is that intentional? I can't see metadata taking up that much space for an app. Attached is my storage screenshot.

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I think you'll find it's just the way the cache storage is reported. Use a file manager to check the size of /adndroid/data/ in internal and external storage.

I think you're right, but that still poses a problem. Here's what I did:


  1. Disabled my WiFi and mobile networks so I couldn't redownload music.
  2. Went to 'Storage' in my settings.
    • 14.88GB of 16GB internal storage is used.
    • 1.0GB of 60GB SD card used.
  3. Clicked on 'Internal Storage' then 'Apps' then 'Spotify' to see what space on my internal storage my phone thinks it is using. (340MB)
  4. Enabled WiFi and downloaded a huge playlist, 500+ songs to see where my phone thinks Spotify is saving that data.
  5. Checked my Internal Storage for Spotify again. It went way up, from 340MB to several GB.
  6. Check my SD card storage. It also went up by GB as well (not sure if the same amount).

This wouldn't normally be a problem, but even if Spotify isn't actually storing the stuff on my internal storage, my phone still THINKS it is. That means it ends up blocking me from downloading/updating apps.

And for what it is worth, that directory you told me to check out says it is only 31MB.

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