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Spotify will not connect to Pioneer MVH-2400NEX

Spotify will not connect to Pioneer MVH-2400NEX






Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue

I have a Pioneer MVH-2400NEX and Spotify plays through Android Auto and also streams via bluetooth, however when I choose to use the spotify stand alone app on the receiver it just says "No Device Connected". As you can see it shows my phone is connected to bluetooth but it will not connect. I have updated firmware on my radio as well as updated all apps and phone. I really wish someone could figure out the problem with this as its quite annoying not being able to get to playlists from the indash.


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Hey @sekokupu,


Thanks for posting.


We optimize our app for and support only specific brand infotainment integrations as well as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. You can have a look at all supported devices here. If another infotainment system is having issues, we're afraid we cannot provide anything but some recommendations, as this is most likely due to how our API is used in those third-party systems and it would require firmware updates on the devices themselves to improve performance.


We recommend reaching out to the device manufacturer to report this and to get further assistance. In the meantime you can continue using the workaround with connecting to your car's infotainment system via cable and Android Auto.


Hope this shines a bit of light on the matter. We'll be here if you have any other questions.

Mihail Moderator
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You guys broke it again with the update to 8.7 that came out feb 1st.

Rolled back to mid Jan and connects no problem.

Pioneer DMH2600nex and galaxy s21

Same Problem


Samsung Huawei P10 Lite Android 8.0.0



Playing via Bluetooth


The bluetooth connection works and I can hear the music from the app but it just says "Connecting" constantly so I can't use any of the additional Spotify controls from the radio. This is really annoying as it was one of the reasons I picked this radio over some other options. PLS HELP

This worked, Uninstal app and load old one from Jan 2022, not February get apk from here

Think I mentioned that.....

Ya you right. Thanks. Spotify app issue not pioneer or android.

Can anyone say the Version number? Tried it with the Version from 15.01.22 but it doesnt work


Also tried and


I am now running spotify-8-6-98-900


And works great.


Remember to uninstall the new/current version, install the one you want...  THEN disable auto-update for that app. Otherwise it will almost instantly update again to the current version.

Screenshot_20220203-164026_Google Play Store.jpg

Tried it now with from 09.01.22 and it worked... Auto Update in Play Store iss off and eventually i will try the newer again tomorrow... Thx to you... works also.. i dont know whats the problem in the first try was.. I restart my smartphone with last 2 Versions and eventually this need to happen after the "old" version installation

Hey folks,


Awesome job! Glad to hear everything is working properly now without issues.


The Community is always here if there's anything else you need assistance with.



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No Yordan, its Not a solution,  it's a work around on a bad app release. Please fix the app. If I have to buy a new head unit, I will not use spotify and stop paying you to support Joe N word Rogan

Youre joking right?
Rolling BACK to old versions can be dangerous and opens our devices up to potential security issues.

You obviously have no clue what this thread is about.


You see... the people are not happy with "this" solution... including me too

this work for me, thanks 🤙

This definitely smells like a backwards compatibility bug, hopefully Spotify will release a fix soon, this ain't the first time happening!

Hey guys,

At a lost cause with Spotify I will be looking at alternives now. I've been with Spotify for years and always enjoyed it with family link. I bought a pioneer unit couple years ago (£400) with Spotify integrated for use in stereo. Since day one I've had issues connecting with the Spotify app. 


Worked for months up untill last week with no issue. Have rolled back the apps to January works for a day or 2 then doesn't connect. I'd say over the 2 years I'd be lucky to have 60% fluent use. Close to switching now to a different music platform and stereo. 


The above Spotify moderator saying this is a good answer to roll back is an absolute joke. Spotify make a lot of money each year from us users. Time to spend some of that on a decent app that is less troublesome. Get the finger out. 

Hi everyone,


This is currently being investigated by our tech folks. In the meantime, we'd recommend Subscribing to this thread where we'll be posting updates as soon as there's new info to share.


We'll now be closing this thread to keep the communication centralized in one place, so if you're experiencing this, make sure to +VOTE for the aforementioned thread and share the requested details there.


Take care.

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