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Spotify will not let me download songs to my mobile via Wifi.

Spotify will not let me download songs to my mobile via Wifi.

The Android app is demanding that I use cellular data to download songs. Previously I've been able to download over wifi only. This requirment has only appeared for the fist time this month and has caused me to drastically overshoot my data limit. The cost of and my data overrun from my cell network (I live in Australia) has far exceeded the amount I pay for Spotify.


If I can't donwload songs to my mobile it defeats the purpose of paying for premium.


Is there a way to download over wifi without using cellular data?


Any suggestions on how to fix this would be much appreciated.



1 Reply

Hello @djk2 Welcome to the Community! 🙂


I apologize for the misunderstanding but this message does not ask you to use cellular data to download music 😞


the message is just informing you that you have turned off syncing songs while on cellular data and if you want to sync these songs right now you need to turn this option on, if you don't turn the option on the songs will sync next time you connect to a WiFi network 🙂


I hope this helped 🙂

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