Spotify won't download files to SD card


Spotify won't download files to SD card

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Hey guys,

I'm using a NVIDIA Tegra Note running Android 5.1.

A few days ago I had to reset it to factory settings and also needed to install Spotify (v armV7) anew. Since then I noticed it doesn't download files to the SD card anymore, neither can I select the target location.

Strange is: on each the internal as well as on the external SD card the folder exists (see screenshots):


I tried a the steps for a clean reinstall, the folders are both gone. After reinstall both folders are back but no chance to select the download location (last screenshot).


Please help me out here, because I especially bought a new 64GB SD card which is useless currently.




Screenshot_2018-03-02_14-33-23.pngdownloaded to internal storageScreenshot_2018-03-02_14-31-20.pngfolders created but not used

Screenshot_2018-03-02_14-29-50.pngno option