Spotify won't download music to SD card


Spotify won't download music to SD card


So I recently got a new phone, the acer liquid Z330 with android version 5.1.1 on it. The spotify app is on version



When setting up my phone I first turned it on and installed some stuff without an SD card in it, including spotify. Later I tried to download some music, with the SD card in the phone now, but it wouldn't download to my SD. I've tried to do the following;



Force close the app, clear data and uninstall. Turn off the phone, remove battery, insert battery, start up the phone. Connect the phone to my computer and go to internal storage > android > data where I was supposed to delete the folder named, but there wasn't a folder named anything with spotify in it.



So first off I just reinstalled the app, tried to download music but it still wouldn't download to my SD.


Then I tried it, and where I was supposed to delete, I instead deleted a map with spotify in the name on my SD card. Reinstalled the app, still wouldn't work.


Then I tried it and this time I just deleted the entire map "data" on internal storage > android. But it still won't download to my SD card after reinstalling once again.



I've run through this clean reinstall process like 6 times by now, and it just won't work. Does anyone know how I could fix this?

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See the 4th post here for the fix process:


Seems to be real issue with Android 6 Marshmallow, but is resolveable in Android 5.x


If you were to read more than just the title of my post, you would find that I've already tried that.

My problem is, that no map dedicated to spotify even shows up anymore


Ok. Sorry that didn't work for you.


Last couple of suggestions/comments:

1. You stated that you connected to computer to map. My experiments clearly show that mapping with Windows Explorer on PC does NOT show all folders and files. I had to use a third-party Android file manager app on the device to find the files (Explorer on PC could not see them). So just take a couple of mins with an Android FM app and see if it helps.

2. Many people, me included, are mighty p****d with Spotify over the SD card hassles. Has caused me no end of time wasting re-re-reinstaling and re-re-redownloading. I now finally have download to SD fixed on Android 5. And excited that 6 Marshmallow is coming imminently for my LG G3. But now learn that there is complete incompatibility of SD card in Spotify with Marshmallow. And so I am extremely p*****d with Spotify.  So, leave lousy feedback for Spotify on Google store and anywhere else you can think of.  Anything that might influence Spotify to replace the current useless devs and nonexistant 'support/customer sevice' (what a pathetic joke).



Sadly that didn't work for me either, on the couple of file explorers I've tried now, the same shows up everytime.

The folder is there when the app is installed, but it dissapears when I uninstall. I've tried a couple of things now, like force closing the app, removing that folder and then uninstalling and continueing the process. Nothing helped thus far.


I'm now trying to install an older version of the spotify app. When I installed this one and opened up the app it told me "no SD card found" and continues to download to internal storage, which is weird, since I just installed that app on the SD card. The SD card also works fine with other apps.

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I also have a Acer Z330 + microSD 32G. I did all the suggestion in the forum, they are all not work. (I think i tried over 10 times, for different ways)

I also tired to move the folder to SD card directly, it still not work. so sad ...

By the way, I also tried the old version. I didn't find which version can be set the install path.

In fact, I abort it ...

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Hello! I just want to share this. I have found a work around to put Spotify files in your SD card whilst using Android L. Android Lollipop's default storage is internal that is why we users of the OS have trouble directing the storage to SD card. I discovered it accidentally actually. No tech genius here. First, download the Spotify 5.0 on the play store then Spotify>Settings>Storage and choose SD card. Spotify will say then, "We could not move your data etc." its okay. Just minimize the app go to file manager create a folder "Android" and a subfolder "" in your SD and then go to your phone's settings select storage then unmount your SD card. Wait for the unmounting process to finish. Remount your SD wait again until it finishes. Voila! It is done. Check your Spotify storage now. I hope this trick will work for you 🙂