Spotify won't play locally imported songs


Spotify won't play locally imported songs

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Samsung Galaxy 9

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Since a week or so Spotify on Android won't play most of the songs (mp3s) that I imported on my laptop. They are greyed out in the playlists, even though there's a symbol indicated that they are downloaded. Stangely enough, some of the local songs (even from the same album) do play. I tried removing the downloads and downloading them again, but that didn't resolve the problem.


((Please note: I hope this can be solved quickly, as I am getting very frustrated with Spotify lately. This issue comes in addition to the extremely annoying and persistant issue of the app pausing radomly when the screen is locked, as well Spotify removing useful features such as filtering of playlists. I find the incompetance really unbelievable for such a major company. I recently started trying out Deezer and if that app is even slightly better, this will be the end of my >10yr paid Spotify subscription, because I have had enough of being annoyed with the app instead of enjoying music through the app...)

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