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Spotify won't scrobbe to Any ideas?


Spotify won't scrobbe to Any ideas?

  • I have tried re entering my details.
  • I have switched to offline mode and back.
  • I have restarted my device.
  • I have cleared cache.
  • I have re installed spotify.
  • I have switched networks.

All that in vain. I can see that I'm scrobbling but am unable to "finish" a scrobble. What I mean by finish is that the track name of currently scrobbling song changes but last track won't be scrobbled.

Device: Oneplus 5T
OS: Android 8.1.0 (OxygenOS 5.1.1)


29 Replies

I hadn’t had any problems until June 6th.  Now, as others have mentioned, it shows up while it’s playing... but doesn’t actually scrobble. I’ve tried the method mentioned up above - but no luck 😞  

The new beta scrobbler stopped working for me about 10 hours ago - not long after updating my Spotify app. I have disconnected/reconnected at least 3 times and rebooted the app countless times as well, all to no avail. I had assumed this problem was sorted after it started scrobbling after I lost 2 days of scrobbles about 5 days ago, but apparently not.

I’ve been experiencing this issue as well, ONLY with the iOS mobile app.

scrobbling from Xbox One and Google Home both work with Spotify Connect, but the mobile app refuses to - I even tried disabling the “scrobble” function in the app to test if the two scrobble sources might be causing the issue, but now with the off the currently playing tracks don’t even appear!  This has gone on for over a week, can the Spotify community provide support on their end?

same here for a few weeks, it's crazy that right now on my Spotify device it doesn't even appear the option to log with this happened with anyone?

I don't get why people still have so many problems. Just follow these instructions every time it doesn't scrobble anymore:


It does work for me 99 out of 100 times, and the other 1 time it is because of problems on lastfm's side.

Tried that multiple times. Still not working. 

I think the main problem that people are having involves the difference in scrobbler functionality between mobile and the desktop app/website. When using the mobile app, the scrobbler will do one of the following:


a.) not update the user's play statistics in real-time, but instead send all scrobbles in one big chunk at a random point in time

b.) not update the user's play statistics in real-time nor when the offline scrobbler sends it's data, but rather when the user starts to play a song on the desktop app. Even then, it's up in the air whether or not all mobile plays will be accounted for. In my case, sometimes they all show up, sometimes they don't, sometimes only a handful

c.) just not acknowledge the fact that the user played anything on mobile


It should be noted that all plays using the website or desktop app are accounted for without issue. This is a mobile-specific issue, as iOS users have also reported similar behavior.

Problem still occurs, but less frequently recently.
In my case, it mainly desktop problem. I rarely listen from my phone. But even on mobile, scrobbling works fine with AIMP, while Spotify is inconsistent.

On my PC I use Spotify, AIMP and Web Scrobbler. Out of those three first one has it's good and bad days, the other two never miss a track. It would indicate that scrobbling within Spotify is handled differently and this is the root of the problem.
I said "good and bad days" because I noticed when Spotify gets itself together, it scrobbles fine as long as I don't stop playing. When it fails to scrobble first track, I know it won't work for at least a few hours.

For me, it's still not working. I've tried several things (deinstall the app, instal it again, etc) but not working on my Android but not on my laptop either.

Any idea or suggestion?


For me it comes and goes also, which is very frustrating. Sometimes I have to scrobble the tracks that I've listened to manually since it just doesnt get scrobbled. And that happens very randomly.

As I'm writing this my songs won't get scrobbled, again. But the tracks that I listened to on my phone did. So now something with the desktop app which is broken, sometimes its the other way around. And also, the options have dissapeared from the settings.


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