Spotify wount play music.


Spotify wount play music.


I installed Spotify on my Android tab SGT 10.1. I can see all my playlist but Spotify woun't play any music. Whats wrong? I am conected to wifi.

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Hey there,

I'm afraid that only the original Samsung Galaxy Tab (7 inch version) is compatible with Spotify at present. Newer versions, such as the 10.1 might not work as intended.

For a list of compatible devices please see
Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: @Spotifystatus

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was released in Europe in September 2011. So you've only had 5 months to fix this. How long do you need? Smiley Sad


But then again the poor old iPad users have been waiting nearly 2 years, so I guess we shouldn't complain Smiley Wink


There is a difference though. iPad users can at least use Spotify, albeit with an ugly interface. Android 3 (Honeycomb) or Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) users can't.