Starred Playlist Missing On Android Tablet


Starred Playlist Missing On Android Tablet

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So started today with going onto Spotify on my desktop on Chrome and i see that I have 2 Starred playlists; 1 was the official one, one appears to be a manually made playlist - thing is, everything in this playlist was flipped the wrong way around (ie the first song i ever added to my Starred was at the top)


Naturally I delete this unwanted new Starred playlist after a few searches seeing how to flip it back the right way around (which can apparently only be done in the client, not in the browser... boo!)  


Day ends I head to bed and open up Spotify on my tablet to find that my Starred playlist on my tablet is completely gone....


It is still here on my Browser (Chrome) version but completely gone on my tablet, even in Recently Listened it doesnt appear anymore.


I have pretty much everything in my Starred playlist... has anyone else encountered this and how do I restore it on my tablet (the correct way around as well, ie Newly added at the top)




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OK, its weird - i havent deleted it - i was able to still play it from PC and mobile, but I restored it, just like a deleted playlist, and it come back, to my tab

Thanks! 🙂

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