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Starting playlist but after the first song it stops

Starting playlist but after the first song it stops

I've had a problem with the auto-play or shuffle function on mobile the last few day.


I start one of my playlists which i have DL'ed and the first song plays like normal, but the next song dont output audio and the track progression bar is going. If i skip to the next song it plays like normal, but stops again after it ends.


I have tried deleting the playlist and downloading it again, doesn't work.


I have a Samsung Galaxy S4


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I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and I'm a Premium user.


These past few days, I can't play songs consecutively. One song ends, and the next one begins but there is absolutely no sound. If I pause and play, or rewind to the beginning, or take a photo with my phone (which makes a shutter sound), the song plays from the beginning.


I moved my cache to my SD card very recently and I'm thinking maybe I overloaded it but it's just 2GB worth of music in a card with 27,71GB more available space. It doesn't happen on my PCs. Maybe because I didn't download as much.


I'm very pissed about this as a paying customer.


Anyone knowledgable, please help.

Since today my spotify (in all android devices) dont play more than one music. I have the Phone connected to one sony amplifier. When de firts music end it starts the other one but there is no sound on the spekears. It seems to be normal on the phone because the next music starts but there is no sound on the pkayback. If I touch on the timeline the sound comes again. .... 😞 Anyone as the same problem? Thanks.

I have same problem. I listen just online, no cache. I have not changet settings or anything else recently. It's been working normally before in Samsung tab. Hi Spotify support people, please fix this!



If you have a Free account, Spotify play one song at a time from the search results.


All other pages will give you non-stop playback. If you find you’re not getting continuous play on other pages, there may be a problem.


In this case, first try logging out of your account and logging in again. If that doesn’t help, try a clean reinstallation.


Hope this helps!

BittencourtSpotify Star
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I have a subscrition, and it happens with both offline with downloaded songs and while streaming. I tried reinstalling the app but the problem is still present.

Hm, appears to be a reoccurring issue as of late, I noticed a number of threads regarding this have been made in a short time. Turning on crossfade seems to be working for most people with this issue (including me), so try that. 🙂 Hopefully the people of Spotify will come up with a more proper solution soon however!



I have exactly the same playlist problem as described above. Just wanted to add that I have tried the following things and they didn' t fix the issue.

Uninstalling spotify with cleaning up both cache and data, logging in again, downloading playlists content again.

Seems that this is a problem of late, it was working normally before. So I suppose this is an issue with the latest Spotify release version on Android. I have LG E975 phone with Android version 4.1.2. Spotify membership is premium.

What makes it even more peculiar is that exact same Spotify version seems working fine as far as playlists are concerned on my Sony Z4 Experia tablet with Android version 5.0.2.



Best Regards

I tried playing with crossfade on and suddenly it worked... I have no idea why, but as LostInDreams said, the problem occured arfer the last update.

Tried the clean installation and the issue still persists.


Same problem here with my Xperia, When the scren is shut the music don't play the next track, but when the screen is on the next track plays as usual

Good discovery! Works fine as temporary solution.

Hi @LostInDreams,

what exactly worked for you? Logging out of your account and logging in again?
BittencourtSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.


I was referring to Choffe1's post of playing with crossfade on.

For number one, I had the same issue, I talked with the help desk and apparently the new update had caused the cache to be corrupted and disconnected from the app, saving contents twice on my phone and causing said issue. 


To solve it, you need to go to your account online (browser) and reset (aka remove) all your offline devices and do a reinstall of the app. You'll need to redownload the songs, but this seems to have solved the problem for me.

Got this from the help desk, so credit where credit due


*edit, doesn't actually work after all, so the crossfade is the only one working*

Anyone can held, Please! Thanks!

Anyone can help me, Please! Thanks!

After installing the last update on the smartphone Spotify has starting to pause after each songs. Sometimes it plays two and stops.

I have uninstall and install again and it continues to happen.
Any tips?

What it does exactly is that the song seems to be playing, but without sound. I have to pause and play for it to play correctly.

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