Stop automatic car play


Stop automatic car play


I am having an issue with Spotify automatically playing when it connects to my car sound system via Bluetooth. I do not want it to auto play. 


Even if I pause the current song manually and close Spotify completely it will still resume playing automatically when it connects to the car stereo. 


Even worse is when I go to my job listening to a podcast in my car. When I arrive I stop the episode on my phone and resume in my PC. After I finish the episode during the day, when I go home and start the app in my phone connected to car via Bluetooth Spotify will resume the previous finished episode in the same second I stopped in the morning ignoring the episode I stopped via PC minutes before. 


Itried turning off the auto play feature in settings and I disabled car play in my phone settings. There is no setting on my car stereo to disable auto play. 


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Spotify Legend

Hey @Evilmaax, help's arrived.


It sounds like what you're experiencing is related to this ongoing issue. Make sure to add your +vote and comment in order to get updates. The right teams are working on it. 


All the best!

Re: Stop automatic car play


Yes I'm having the same problem and it makes me so mad I'm going to uninstall Spotify. 

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My Note 8 just started to do the same in my Honda.  I verified that the car autoplay is off.  What else can I do?


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Having the same problem plus it keeps playing after disconnecting from the car. I keep my phone speaker volume off so I didn't notice for a little while.

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I have this issue too. It is a big safety problem. I don't want to be messing with my phone while driving. I start the car, Spotify starts playing automatically, I go into the app and pause the track. I start Google Maps for my journey, start driving and at some point, maybe 10 minutes or so, Spotify unpauses the track. So I pull over, switch to Spotify, pause it again, go back to Maps, and the issue will happen again. On a recent trip the only thing I could do was set my car's speaker volume to 0, but that meant I missed Google Maps notifications. So annoying. I have auto play turned off too.

Re: Stop automatic car play


Hey @some_nonsense,


That's odd!


Have you tried reinstalling the app? You can read here how.


If it doesn't work, could you let us know what happens if you beforehand stop Spotify from the app switcher?


Let us know how it goes. Have a nice day!

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