Stopped working on Kindle Fire

Stopped working on Kindle Fire


Last night for some reason, spotify stopped working on my kindle.  it opens but EVERYTHING is blank, I can't search, I can't look up playlists NOTHING!  I have uninstalled and re-installed 3x and nothing, any ideas??

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Do you have Spotify Premium? 

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Yes I do, the 9.99 a month subscription, still works on my iphone, but my kindle is a no-go



Have you tried clearing the data before you did a uninstall? You go into settings and then scroll all the way down to "Delete Cache and saved data" then do a complete clean reinstall. 



Hope this helped 🙂

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Try a factory reset on your Kindle. Redownload Spotify, and after making sure your wifi connection is optimal, see if the home page loads. If it does, stream something. If not, make sure you aren't in airplane mode or something, and check your router. Hope this helps. 


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