Stops playing radio after a couple songs


Stops playing radio after a couple songs

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Sony xperia xa1 ultra 

Operating System

Android oreo


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I will start a radio with anything, let's say a song radio. It'll play a few songs and then no music. The notification on androids notification bar will show something is playing. Going to the spotify app will result in the bottom now playing thing to show for one second and then disappearing, forcing me to start a new playlist or radio. 


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Hey @Alho64.


Help's here. Can you let us know if this happens when using WiFi or mobile data? Let's try doing a full reinstall of the app to see if this helps.


Let us know how it goes. 

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It happens when on wifi and on mobile data. I have u installed and reinstalled multiple times. I have also reset my phone, because I do about every 6 months and that hasn't helped either. I'm wondering if it's because I don't thumbs up or down anything. I just let it play and it stops. Do you think it might be the issue?


I too have this problem, Premium/Family

Will play a few songs and either stop in middle of a song or at end of song, turning on screen and returning to app will sometimes resume play or have to manually press play button

Screen off / background issue ?

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S9+ (also have added spotify to the unmonitored apps in battery settings)